Our History

88 years of Excellent Service

Mpulungu port is situated on the southern tip of Lake Tanganyika in the Northern Province of Zambia. The port was built in 1930 before Zambia gained it’s independence. It operated as a fishing berth. Post-independence, the port was used mainly as an alternative storage facility for fuel imported through East Africa and supplied to the Northern part of Zambia. In 1977, the port started handling exports to the Great Lakes Region.

Mpulungu Port is accessed from the Zambian side by road and mainly services cargo traffic destined for Burundi, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through the ports of Bujumbura, Kigoma and Kaleimie respectively.

The port is managed by Mpulungu Harbour Corporation Ltd, a company registered in 1988 and wholly owned by the government of the Republic of Zambia. The company was established to acquire, maintain and operate Mpulungu Harbour and any other harbours in Zambia and in any other part of the world; to act as carriers of passengers, goods of any nature as shipping, chartering, forwarding and transport agents; stevedores, proprietors of warehouses; to purchase, construct, sell, hire or let ships and vessels, among other objects.

88 years of Excellent Service

In 2015 the Government of the Republic of Zambia transferred its shareholding to the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). The Industrial Development Corporation integrates all state owned enterprises and has the mandate to strengthen Zambia’s industrial base and to spearhead the government’s job creation agenda.
The Good News was the first steamship to sail on Lake Tanganyika. This boat was placed there by the London Missionary Society, carried in sections from the lower Zambezi, It was constructed and launched at the mouth of Lufu River by Captain Hore in 1884, The Hull now lies at Katuta bay