Social Responsibility

The Corporation has Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, which include the following;
Adoption of Children’s ward
During the year, the Corporation adopted the Children’s ward of the newly built Mpulungu District Hospital. The interventions included purchasing medical and non-medical equipment, and deploying six contract employees as Cleaners in order to ensure good house-keeping in the ward and the surrounding grounds. The expenditure was ZMW192, 000 on salaries and ZMW25, 140 on equipment.
Additional classrooms at schools & sponsorship of pupils
The Corporation supports schools with materials for construction of additional classrooms. The children for our employees also attend the same schools. In some cases vulnerable children are supported with school fees, uniforms and books. The Corporation requested Lafarge to donate some cement in support of community projects. 40tons of cement was passed on to school projects while ZMW4,391 was spent on school pupils.


Football, Netball & Golf
The Corporation sponsors a football team, Mpulungu Harbour Football Club, which is currently in Division 1 of the FAZ northern league. During the year, the expenditure was ZMW250, 331.
During the year, the Corporation took up the sponsorship of the Netball team previously sponsored by the Mpulungu District Council. The netball team performed well in the provincial league. The expenditure on the team was ZMW114, 425.
Chila Golf Club in Mbala is sponsored by Mpulungu Harbour. The club participated hosted a number of tournaments and also participated in other tournaments in the northern region. Renovation works were carried out at the club in anticipation of the Mutomolo ceremony, which is held within the club grounds. The expenditure was ZMW217, 078 on golf activities and ZMW126, 100 on club renovations.
Cultural Activities
The Corporation was the main corporate sponsor for the Mutomolo ceremony of Mambwe – Lungu people, which is a celebration of the harvest after the rainy season. The expenditure was ZMW118, 819.